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The Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) Conference of the Parties (COP) 11

Community Protocols and FPIC: Lessons from Practice and Challenges Ahead

The Nagoya Protocol requires countries to support the development of community protocols for ABS by indigenous and local communities. This side-event launched a new IIED publication, Biodiversity and culture: Exploring community protocols, rights and consent, published in association with Natural Justice, Union for … Continue reading

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National ICCA Federations and Coalitions Ready to Take Conservation Authority and Responsibilities Towards Fulfilling the Aichi Targets for Biodiversity

The ICCA Consortium led a workshop on the role of federations and coalitions of indigenous peoples and local communities in protecting the natural and cultural values of their territories and conserved areas. The session highlighted a number of recent achievements by country-level … Continue reading

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Colloquium on the role of ICCAs in achieving the Aichi Targets at #COP11

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Stronger laws will aid conservation, say experts at the CBD COP-11

“Countries need to recognize the rights of local communities to achieve the ”Aichi Targets’ (on conservation of biodiversity) by 2020″, said Ashish Kothari, founder member of Indian NGO Kalpavriksh (Consortium Member). Kothari was speaking at the launch of a new publication, … Continue reading

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‘The Interdependence of Food Sovereignty and ICCAs’ in the CBD Alliance Eco

Indigenous peoples and local communities play a crucial role in global food security and realising food sovereignty. For millennia, they have lived in, and carefully husbanded landscapes and seascapes, to which their livelihoods are intricately dependent. They have developed and have co-evolved with countless species and … Continue reading

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Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities at the CBD: CBD Alliance Eco report

The COP to the Convention on Biological Diversity is the only decision-making body of an international convention to use the term ‘indigenous and local communities’. All other relevant and peer processes, including the COPs to the other Rio Conventions, have … Continue reading

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CBD Secretariat Hosts Colloquium on ICCAs and Aichi Targets at CBD COP-11

In an effort to support implementation of Articles 8(j) and 10(c) of the CBD,  and several past CBD decisions, on 13 October at the CBD COP-11, the CBD Secretariat co-hosted a one-day colloquium on the role of ICCAs in achieving the … Continue reading

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