Policy Brief release: ICCAs and Aichi Targets

cover-Aichi-ICCAs-PolicyBriefIndigenous peoples’ and local community conserved territories and areas (ICCAs) have increasingly been recognized as significant sites and initiatives of conservation. ICCAs are embedded both in the general recognition of the rights of indigenous peoples’ (and of late, of other local communities) to their territories, self-determination, cultural identity,  human rights and other aspects. They also reflect the more specific realization of the need to both diversify and improve the governance of conservation in general and protected areas (PAs) in particular, to enable increased resilience, coverage, and efficacy.

In this context, it is also important to understand the contribution that ICCAs have made, and could make in even more enhanced form, in the achievement of the Aichi Targets of  the CBD Strategic Plan of Action 2011-20. Indeed the very concept and definition of ICCAs already incorporates a number of aspects of these Targets, and more generally of the Strategic Plan. This document asserts that ICCAs may be the world’s best option for achieving many of the Aichi Targets!


This is a very short summary of a Policy Brief prepared by the ICCA Consortium, CBD Alliance, Kalpavriksh and CENESTA. To read it, follow this link.

For more information on ICCAs, pl. see www.iccaconsortium.org. At COP12, contact: Ashish Kothari, chikikothari@gmail.com and Taghi Farvar, taghi.farvar@gmail.com

18. Researchers meet community at Beganachari community forest, Chittagong, Bangladesh @ Ashish Kothari

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