ICCA Consortium seeks Regional Coordinator in North America


ICCA Coordinator for North America

The ICCA Consortium is seeking a Coordinator for North America and
encouraging applications from people of First Nations, Inuit, American
Indian, Alaskan Native or Native Hawaiian descent.  We would, in particular,
be pleased to receive applications from youth and women. Like for all other
Consortium’s staff, this is a semi-volunteer, part-time position that
provides little financial compensation but offers opportunities to learn and
engage with the ICCA movement.  Ideally, the person will be recruited before
a Consortium co-organised international workshop on ICCAs, which is expected
to take place in British Columbia (BC) in the Fall of 2013.  A succinct job
description can be downloaded from ToR Consortium Coordinator North America May 2013.

Please send your application before July 31, 2013.

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